Borșa and Horses Waterfall

Borsa city is a starting point for tourists visiting Maramures. It is located at an altitude of 850 m in the Rodna Mountains, on the valley of the river Viseu.





The Borşa Resort is very close to the Rodna Mountains National Park, an area where you can never get bored. The village is only 68 km away from Popasul Ioana Oncești pension.
The Horses Waterfall is special. It is formed from the water that gathers on the Mount of Horses as a result of the melting of the snow from the massif and frequent rains on the mountain. The streams of silver water falls down over the bare rocks from a height of about 97 meters.
You should not miss it!

At about 70km away from Popasul Ioana pension you can visit the Borsa city and Horses Waterfall